Can I submit to Counterpoint even if I’m not part of it?

Yes! Although we sometimes publish articles written by staff members, anyone can submit to Counterpoint as long as they are a student at Wellesley. This means Davis Scholars, study-abroad students, and students on leave can also submit articles.

How do I submit?

Send your submission to one of our Editors-in-Chief, Cseca Gazzolo (fgazzolo@wellesley.edu) or Marina Furbush (mfurbush@wellesley.edu) before the monthly deadline. The deadline to submit this month (September) is Wednesday, September 18th, at 11:59pm.

What can I submit to Counterpoint? What can I not submit?

Counterpoint is a nonfiction magazine, so we will publish nonfiction in any format. This includes editorials, opinion pieces, personal essays, book and movie reviews, photo essays, satire, and short comics about any real-life experience. The only things we do not publish are poetry and short fiction stories, which should be directed to The Wellesley Review. We publish pretty much every submission we receive, as long as they are respectful, are submitted with sufficient time for editing, and have not been published elsewhere (including in other Wellesley publications or online).

Can I submit comics/artwork/photography?

Yes! Our covers for the past few years have all been student photography, and we incorporate student artwork into the layout. We have also published comic strips from students (as long as the genre is nonfiction).

Can I submit anonymously?

Yes, you can request that your article be published anonymously. You may email the article to either Editor-in-Chief (fgazzolo or mfurbush), or submit it through a Counterpoint staff member, who will then forward it to us anonymously. Like all Counterpoint submissions, anonymous articles will receive suggestions from our editors, but only the Editors-in-Chief or the staff member you submitted to will communicate with you and know your identity.

My writing isn’t perfect/amazing, can I still submit?

Yes, you do not have to be a perfect writer to submit an article! We acknowledge that students at Wellesley come from all sorts of educational and cultural backgrounds with different levels of English writing ability, and our editors are happy to work with you to make sure your voice is clearly expressed.

Can my article be published without any edits?

No, when an article is submitted, the author gives permission to our editorial staff to revise it. However, the editing process is a conversation between the author and the editors, and if you feel strongly about preserving certain aspects of your writing, that is a conversation we can have. Counterpoint staff does make final edits before sending the magazine to print, but these are mostly minor grammatical changes.

What happens if I don’t have time to finish?

It’s okay if you can’t finish writing or editing your article before Counterpoint’s deadline to print. We can always hold your article for the next month’s issue, and we are happy to work with your schedule to get your piece published.

How long should an article be?

There is no minimum or maximum limit! Articles typically average at 700-1400 words long, but we’ve published articles that are shorter and much, much longer than the average submission.

Who can I talk to if I have another question?

Feel free to reach out to our Editors-in-Chief, Cseca Gazzolo (fgazzolo@wellesley.edu) or Marina Furbush (mfurbush@wellesley.edu), or our Managing Editors, Corinne Muller (cmuller@wellesley.edu) or Vanessa Ntungnawayo (vtungwa@wellesley.edu), with any questions or concerns you have about Counterpoint.