Logo by Midori Yang '19

Logo by Midori Yang '19

Counterpoint Magazine is the student-run monthly journal of campus life at Wellesley College. We publish original non-fiction articles on just about everything, from politics to the arts, campus life to personal essays. Since our founding in 1991, we have gradually become more offbeat and somewhat irreverent, but we remain dedicated to promoting individual thought, casual popular scholarship, and campus dialogue. We focus on highlighting key perspectives that mainstream and popular media often marginalize or fail to bring to the forefront.

Website created by Oset Babur '15 (Managing Editor, Spring 2015) and updated by Midori Yang '19 (Layout Editor, Fall 2015-present).

Trustees of Counterpoint:
Allyson Larcom '17, Hanna Day-Tenerowicz '16, Cecilia Nowell '16, Oset Babur '15, Alison Lanier '15

Editorial Board 2017-2018

Olivia Funderburg '18 - Editor-in-Chief
English & Education Studies
Nantucket, MA

Samantha English '19 - Treasurer & Managing Editor
English & Education Studies
Chicago, IL


Nina-Marie Amadeo '18 - Staff Editor
Computer Science & Sociology
Belmont, NJ

Lara Brennan '18 - Staff Editor
New York, NY

Rachele Byrd '18 - Staff Editor & Features Editor
Powder Springs, GA

Natassja Haught '18 - Publicity Chair & Production Manager
Seattle, WA

Molly Hoyer '18 - Staff Editor
Comparative Literature
Newton, NJ

Alexandra Cronin '19 - Staff Editor
English & Peace and Justice Studies

Roz Rea '19 - Layout Editor
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Cary, NC

Francesca Gazzolo '20 - Staff Editor
Chicago, IL

Jessica Maciuch '20 - Layout Editor & Art Director
Astronomy & Biology
Chicago, IL


Abroad Fall 2017

Kelechi Alfred-Igbokwe '19 - Features Editor
International Relations & Political Science
Houston, TX & Lagos, Nigeria

Lydia MacKay '19 - Staff Editor

Midori Yang '19 - Layout Editor
Media Arts & Sciences
Tenafly, NJ